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The Value of Education

The primary goal of My Own Biome is to educate its players about ecology and the conflict generated by human presence in the environment. As an educational tool, My Own Biome can be an integral part of Environmental Science and Biology classes.

Through playing this simulation game, players learn about organisms on the species level as well as the population level as they manage the land use in a biome. In particular, it will help teach:

  • The names, types and nature of plants and animals found in each of the ten biomes
  • The effect that the introduction of humans can have on an ecosystem
  • Techniques used in wildlife and ecosystem management
  • The damage caused by invasive species
    as well as the problems and concerns in controlling them
  • The importance of biodiversity
  • The consequences of the extinction of a species
  • Some of the political elements involved in ecosystem management
  • The food web

My Own Biome gives students the chance to impact the livelihood of one or more biomes. This tool is perfectly tailored to the needs of the millennial and post-millennial generations. It will allow them to interactively experience the material and encourage a fun learning environment. Through the challenge, players will see how the dynamics of a plant or animal population impacts the availability of other species, and ultimately understand the relationships we have with our natural resources.

Educational Resources

Download the manual for My Own Biome, which includes the scientific content presented in the game.