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About the Game

My Own Biome is a four‐player learning game played on Windows PC. In this game, each player controls a unique biome. The game is built on top of an artificial life simulation. This simulation runs automatically and controls the behavior of the thousands of plants and animals present in the game. It contains a sandbox mode, as well as single player and both local and network multiplayer modes.

In the game, players must reduce the pressures created by people living in the area by giving up part of their biome to satisfy their needs represented by: living space, farmland, industrial space, mining, and logging. However, each of these will have a variety of negative effects on the biome. Players must use a host of tools to keep the plant and animal populations stable despite these pressures. The task is to keep the biome healthy despite the pressures caused by people living in the area.

My Own Biome simulates ten biomes. These are listed below with the specific locality of the instance of that biome:

Biomes and Regions
Biome Region
Tundra Alaska
Taiga Scandinavia
Temperate Coniferous Forest California/Oregon of Northwest United States
Middle Latitude Deciduous Forest New England
Tropical Rainforest Brazilian Amazon
Tropical Dry Forest Peru
Temperate Grassland Australia
Tropical Grassland Sudan Grass Belt
Desert Mongolia
Deccan Thorn Scrub Forest India


Creators of My Own Biome

The people behind My Own Biome includes programmers (who are also avid gamers!), graphic artists and animators, musicians and writers. See a complete list of the team here.